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BofI Advisor

When you partner with BofI Advisor, your clients will reap the benefits of our award-winning financial products and services, featuring some of the best interest rates in the nation. As a financial advisor, you will further benefit from unparalleled access to your clients’ liquid assets, giving you the insight you need to optimize their investment opportunities.

Grow your client list today by offering the competitive interest rates available from BofI Advisor.

Financial Opportunities

Gain a financial advantage over competing financial advisory firms by partnering with BofI Advisor for industry-leading rates and first-class service for your clients. Our branchless banking system enables us to operate at significantly lower fixed operating costs than traditional banks. These lower costs are then passed along to your clients through our high-yield financial products.


of BofI Advisor

  • High Yield Financial Products
  • FDIC Insurance
  • Comprehensive Client Dashboard
  • Quarterly Marketing Incentives

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Client Dashboard


  • Overview of Available Client Assets
  • Ability to Generate Customized Marketing Materials
  • In-depth Client Reporting
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Client Dashboard

The BofI Advisor dashboard provides you with unprecedented ability to monitor your clients’ financial health. Get the transparency you need as a financial advisor to make the most confident and insightful recommendations possible for your clients. BofI Advisor offers an overview of your clients’ accounts so that you may effectively manage their cash liquidity to improve their investments and build their returns.